Only concert tickets are even better

If you have the highest demands on a music server, we have just the right machine for you. xo|one marks the top of what is currently possible and achieves a musicality that will fascinate you. Feel music up close even at home, xo|one is almost as good as a concert ticket.

The reduced, perfectly shaped design focuses on pure musical experience and brings the concept of control via app to the point. xo|one features a flush-fitting touch sensor as its only control element, intended to switch the device on and off. A clearly designed web interface complements our iOS app xo|touch and allows for configuration settings.

xo|touch combines a stylish presentation of your music collection with comprehensive options for sorting and searching, which can be used intuitively. With the streaming services TIDAL®, qobuz® and HIGHRESAUDIO® seamlessly integrated, xo|touch also offers first-class opportunities to discover new music.

The internal SSD hard drive is available with a capacity of up to 4 TB. A coaxial S/PDIF output, an AES/EBU output and two USB interfaces are available for connection to a digital-to-analog converter. You can also connect external storage media here.







  • Stores and manages the entire music collection

  • Stylish presentation and comprehensive search options

  • Seamless integration of all sources (Streaming services, connected USB storage, shared network folders)

  • xo|touch: Fast, stable and intuitive iOS app

  • Rips CDs fully automatic and saves the files as lossless FLAC

  • CD playback during ripping

  • Supports the streaming service TIDAL®

  • Supports the streaming service qobuz®

  • Supports the streaming service HIGHRESAUDIO®

  • Allows for purchases at HIGHRESAUDIO® within the app

  • Convenient internet-radio function

  • Integrated DLNA server casts music to other zones

  • Compatible with AirPlay®

  • Smooth backup to external USB storages or network folders





Technical Specifications


  • All common PCM formats

  • Lossless formats: FLAC, WAV, AIFF

  • Resolution PCM: 24 Bit / 192 kHz (S/PDIF), 32 Bit / 768 kHz (USB)

  • Supports DoP (DSD over PCM)

  • Digital outputs: 1x S/PDIF, 1x AES/EBU, 2x USB-A

  • Network connection: 1x Ethernet RJ45

  • SSD hard drive for highest performance

  • Rip drive: Panasonic UJ265 (Blu-ray)

  • Passive cooling

  • Jitter: < 1 ps

  • Dimensions (WxHxD):  45 x 12,5 x 33 cm
  • Weight: 13 kg

  • Minimum requirement for App: iOS 11.0


Finishes: Black, Silver, Champagner (surcharge) 

Hard drive capacity: optionally 1 TB (standard), 2 TB, 4 TB

Upgrades to a larger SSD are possible at any time.







xo|one manual
xo|one Pad - iPad App







 February, 4th 2019


 Edition 02/2018
April - June


 Edition 09/2016


Edition 32
September - November 2016


 Edition 26
June 2016

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 Edition 04/2016


 Edition 12/2015


Edition 5/2015
September /  October


 Edition 2/2015
May / June


 Edition 6/2014
January / February


 Edition October 2014

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