Reference music server with DAC

xo|one plus is based on our reference music server xo|one and contains an excellent digital-to-analog converter that you can also use for other sources with USB output. 

We have extensively modified the existing device concept and optimally matched its components and the in-house developed converter section. For the digital-to-analog conversion we use our own filter algorithms and two PCM1794A, which are embedded in elaborately designed peripherals. Computer board and DAC section are located on separate levels, which are electromagnetically isolated by an aluminium plate. 

The reduced, perfectly shaped design focuses on pure musical experience and brings the concept of control via app to the point. xo|one plus features a flush-fitting touch sensor as its only control element, intended to switch the device on and off. A clearly designed web interface complements our iOS app xo|touch and allows for configuration settings.

xo|touch combines a stylish presentation of your music collection with comprehensive options for sorting and searching, which can be used intuitively. With the streaming services TIDAL®, qobuz® and HIGHRESAUDIO® seamlessly integrated, xo|touch also offers first-class opportunities to discover new music.

The internal SSD hard drive is available with a storage capacity of up to 4 TB. In addition to a coaxial S/PDIF output and an AES/EBU output, a USB interface is available to which you can also connect external storage media.







  • Stores and manages the entire music collection

  • Integrated digital-to-analogue converter

  • Can be used as external DAC for sources equipped with USB output

  • Stylish presentation and comprehensive search options

  • Seamless integration of all sources (Streaming services, connected USB storage, shared network folders)

  • xo|touch: Fast, stable and intuitive iOS app

  • Rips CDs fully automatic and saves the files as lossless FLAC

  • CD playback during ripping

  • Supports the streaming service TIDAL®

  • Supports the streaming service qobuz®

  • Supports the streaming service HIGHRESAUDIO®

  • Allows for purchases at HIGHRESAUDIO® within the app

  • Convenient internet-radio function

  • Integrated DLNA server casts music to other zones

  • Compatible with AirPlay®

  • Smooth backup to external USB storages or network folders





Technical Specifications


  • All common PCM formats

  • Lossless formats: FLAC, WAV, AIFF

  • Resolution PCM: 24 Bit / 384 kHz (S/PDIF), 32 Bit / 768 kHz (USB)

  • Supports DoP (DSD over PCM)

  • Digital inputs: 1x USB-B
  • Digital outputs: 1x S/PDIF, 1x AES/EBU, 2x USB-A

  • Analog outputs: 1x RCA, 1x sym. XLR
  • Network connection: 1x Ethernet RJ45

  • D/A converters: 2x Texas Instruments PCM1794A
  • SSD hard drive for highest performance

  • Rip drive: Panasonic UJ265 (Blu-ray)

  • Passive cooling

  • Jitter: < 1 ps

  • Dimensions (WxHxD):  45 x 12,5 x 33 cm
  • Weight: 17 kg

  • Minimum requirement for App: iOS 11.0


Finishes: Black, Silver, Champagner (surcharge) 

Hard drive capacity: optionally 1 TB (standard), 2 TB, 4 TB

Upgrades to a larger SSD are possible at any time.







xo|oneplus - owner's manual
xo|one Pad - iPad App







Edition 03/2019
July - September

Edition 03/2019
May / June