AUDIO PHYSIC / x-odos CD-RIP-Event

Entdecken Sie Ihr persönliches akustisches Gold!

Sie glauben Ihre CDs wirklich zu kennen? Überzeugen Sie sich – mit Ihrer eigenen Lieblings-CD –, dass diese Qualität lange nicht ausgeschöpft ist!

Auf der High-End in München laden AUDIO PHYSIC und x-odos Sie ein zu einem spannenden RIP-Event. Entdecken Sie, wie kluge Technik aus Ihren Silberlingen herauskitzelt, was tatsächlich gespeichert wurde.

HighEnd Munich 2016


x-odos will be presenting its audiophile music server xo|one as well as the innovative music streamer xo|stream for the first time in hall 1, stand C11. 

The xo|stream, which was developed with loving attention to detail, shares music throughout the entire house and can be used in combination with the xo|one music server, a NAS device or external USB hard drive. The xo|stream is the first device in on the market to integrate the new high-res streaming service VirtualVault.

VirtualVault is a user interface between the user account and the music archive at HIGHRESAUDIO, which enables high-res music streaming for the very first time. As soon as music has been purchased, it is available immediately for playing. A fast Internet connection is required. Discover the next generation of music streaming.

Each day at 3.00 pm, Mr. Lothar Kerestedjian (MD of HIGHRESAUDIO) will be presenting his streaming service VirtualVault at the x-odos stand.

Experience our xo|stream with VirtualVault in hall 1, stand C11.

Norddeutsche HiFi-Tage 2016 - Follow up

The “Norddeutschen Hifi-Tage”, which took place on the 6th and 7th February in Hamburg, provided the opportunity to experience the xo|one intensively while enjoying numerous talks on a wide range of topics with interested and also knowledgeable visitors of all ages within the boisterous environment of a hotel trade fair! –

Many thanks and also congratulations to ‘HiFi Studion Bramfeld’ for the great organisation of this very popular trade fair! 

We experienced real candidness regarding digital music, enabled listeners to compare the quality of CD rips by xo|one with high-res audio downloads and TIDAL, and enjoyed some more in-depth topics such as HiFi developments and history.

Highlight: x-odos presented the xo|one music server exclusively with the Tyr 2 digital cable from Nordost, which was presented just a few days before at the CES in the USA! - Thanks @ Nordost: it was a great moment!